Active Environmental Solutions Innovation Award for Asbestos Management!

Active Environmental Solutions are delighted to introduce an award that celebrates the spirit of innovation in the field of asbestos management. As proud sponsors of FAMANZ, Active Environmental Solutions are passionate about fostering advancements that drive the industry forward, and this award serves as a platform to recognise the visionary individuals and organisations at the forefront of change.

The Active Environmental Solutions Innovation Award for Asbestos Management places a special emphasis on ground-breaking approaches that challenge conventional practices, redefine standards, and lead to safer, more effective, and sustainable asbestos management solutions. Active Environmental Solutions firmly believe that progress is driven by those who dare to think differently, developing novel techniques and strategies that make a tangible difference.

By acknowledging and honouring outstanding innovations, Active Environmental Solutions, aim to inspire a collective commitment to better asbestos management practices and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Active Environmental Solutions vision is to encourage professionals and researchers alike to push the boundaries of possibility, envisioning a future where asbestos-related risks are minimised, worker safety is prioritised, and environmental impact is reduced.

This award is a unique opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge work, gain well-deserved recognition from industry peers, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of asbestos management.

We invite all passionate changemakers to submit their applications and join Active Environmental Solutions in this pursuit of excellence.

The Prize:

$10,000 to be allocated to either kickstart a new initiative or contribute to the continuous development of an existing one.


  1. Novelty and Originality:
  • The uniqueness of the approach, technique, or solution.
  • The innovation challenges traditional methods and brings new perspectives to asbestos management.
  1. Effectiveness:
  • Effectiveness of the innovation in managing asbestos-related challenges.
  • The innovation contributes to reducing health risks, improving safety, or streamlining processes.
  1. Practicality and Applicability:
  • The practicality and ease of implementation of the innovation in real-world asbestos management scenarios.
  • The potential scalability and adaptability of the innovation to various situations.
  1. Environmental Impact:
  • The environmental impact of the innovation, such as its contribution to reducing asbestos exposure and environmental pollution.
  • Alignment with sustainable practices.
  1. Safety Improvements:
  • The innovation enhances safety measures for asbestos management.
  • The potential for risk reduction and the protection it offers to workers and the community.

Entry Requirements:

  • The application must fill in the application form by 30 November 2023
  • The applicant must have read the terms and conditions of entry

Terms and Conditions:

The applicant agrees that FAMANZ may use their name, and the name of their nomination, and likeness for advertising and publicity purposes in connection with the awards, including but not limited to publication of their name, and the name of their nomination. The winner (and their representatives and personnel) may be required to and agree to take part in reasonable publicity events in connection with the award.

  1. The prize money must be used towards a specific innovation, new or existing.
  2. Prize recipient may be required to acknowledge Active Environmental Services support in their promotional materials and potentially be photographed.
  3. The successful applicant will be required to attend ASBESTOS 2025 and do a 10-15 minute presentation detailing how the prize money has supported an advanced innovation.
  4. Acceptance of the prize: Winners may be required to sign an acceptance letter or agreement acknowledging their receipt of the prize.
  5. Award presentation: The winner is expected to attend ASBESTOS 2024.